Renovated, Branded, Leased Up, Managed and Disposed

105-unit • green point rated apartments

Novella Redondo is a renovated residential property one block from the oceanfront in Redondo Beach, California. This high density area offers little opportunity for competing development, giving the properties sustained market appeal. Originally built in 1971, this modernist Spanish style building includes stunning tile work and generous courtyard spaces, offering ocean views from most units.

The renovation included extensive landscaping, exterior retrofitting, common area updates, as well as interior unit upgrades. Certified through the GreenPoint Rated system, water efficient fixtures, low VOC or recycled materials, and energy-start rated appliances were added.

Following the acquisition of Novella Redondo, GEM closely oversaw the move out’s of all existing residents in preparation for renovation work, all without paying relocation expenses. GEM worked closely with the development team during the renovation, advising on design for the common areas, units, offices and amenity areas. The work was completed in 2013 and the property fully rebranded and leased up. GEM implemented the first multifamily composting program in Redondo Beach. To cater to the beach community, bike storage complete with community Novella Redondo bikes, was also added. Sustainability events were implemented to promote resident awareness of the efficiency upgrades. To reintroduce the property to the community, Novella Redondo participated in numerous community engagement initiatives, including the local Riviera Summer Festival.