Gerding Edlen Management was created to complEment sustainable development with sustainable management practices.


We have learned that to do that effectively, every choice from design to disposition has to acknowledge all stakeholders: the client, the resident and the community in which the building exists.

As a value add compliment to Gerding Edlen Development, we know what works in competitive markets, and we are always willing to push the envelope. GEM brings an integrated approach to property management that ensures the maximized value of each project.

Building on Gerding Edlen’s success across all property classes, GEM offers critical expertise in identifying opportunities, understanding markets and enhancing income through the meticulous curation of each asset.

Gerding Edlen Management brings together marketing, branding, design and operational knowledge to ensure a well-positioned building that leverages competitive advantages. 


We get personal

GEM offers project management services for all project branding and marketing initiatives. With extensive expertise in market intelligence and branding, we treat each asset as an individual. Our building identities are tailored to leverage market impact—we understand what it takes to stand out in a competitive leasing climate.

We go FUrther

From the day-to-day to the unexpected, we protect the reputation of our buildings by providing the best service possible to our residents, vendors and clients. We value our client relationships and will provide customization in reporting and communication to satisfy client needs.

We know Green

We understand sustainability, and what it takes to capitalize on design and construction choices to create a sustainable way of life for building users. From bottom-line benefits, vendor quality, to market appeal, we wrote the book on integrating sustainability into property management practices.

We have Smarts

We hire smart people, provide them with robust tools and support, and let them excel. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. We dig deep to understand client objectives and project strengths, then we meticulously tailor our management strategies to capitalize on these objectives.